SUPREME COURT/TRUMP PEOPLE/NEIL GORSUCH: “Corporate tool. Enemy of disabled people. Deferential to the privileged, including the man who chose him.
One week before Judge Neil M. Gorsuch is to sit for his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democrats have zeroed in on their most prominent planned line of attack: Judge Gorsuch’s rulings have favored the powerful and well connected. And he has done little, they will say, to demonstrate his independence from a president whose combative relationship with the judiciary has already clouded the nominating process.
The strategy includes two events this week aimed at emphasizing Judge Gorsuch’s record on workers’ rights and big money in politics — an attempt to break through the din in President Trump’s Washington, where the nomination fight so far has been largely overshadowed by administration infighting, Russia-tinged scandals and legislation to overhaul the nation’s health care system.
The Democrats’ approach also appears to be in keeping with the preference of some lawmakers to make the nomination as much a referendum on Mr. Trump as Judge Gorsuch, with ready parallels to the president’s history as a profit-seeking boss and serial litigant.”

-Matt Flegenheimer, “Democrats’ Line of Attack on Gorsuch: No Friend of the Little Guy,” The New York Times online, March 13, 2017