ENTERTAINMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump is a lot like a stand-up comedian, Trevor Noah said Wednesday [3-8-17] — he ‘connects with audiences in the same way.’
Speaking at ‘The Messy Truth,’ a town hall series hosted by CNN commentator Van Jones, ‘The Daily Show’ host analyzed how Trump interacts with a crowd.
Noah cited the tribute Trump made to Carryn Owens, widow of slain Navy SEAL ‘Ryan’ Owens, during a joint address to Congress. Jones earlier drew criticism for calling it ‘one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics.’
‘During that moment with Ryan’s wife, Trump even told a joke and people laughed, people connected,’ Noah said. ‘When you watched Trump, and what you said, my first instinct was, come again, man? But then, when I watched it, I realized what you were saying. The honest truth is that he became presidential in that moment. What’s not scary is that he became presidential in that moment. I think what’s scary is that it is that easy to become presidential.’ “

Leinz Vales, “Trevor Noah: When I see Trump, I see a stand-up comedian,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, March 9, 2017