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2016 ELECTION/VOTER FRAUD: “The Trump administration continued Sunday [2-12-17] to assert a widely debunked claim that massive vote fraud helped deprive the president of a popular-vote victory in November’s election.
President Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller said in an interview aired Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week’ that ‘the noncitizen voting issue is pervasive and widespread.’
Trump has said that he lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton only because 3 million to 5 million illegal immigrants had cast votes for her. Clinton’s margin of victory in the popular vote was more than 2.8 million, while Trump won the electoral college vote, 304-227.
That claim of massive illegal voting has been denied by Republican officials in key states, such as Ohio, and by independent observers. Administration officials have never offered any evidence for it.
Democrats say the unsubstantiated fraud claim is being used by Trump and his supporters to pave the way for state legislation meant to suppress turnout by groups that tend to vote Democratic, including African Americans and young people.”

 – Laura King, “Top Trump aide again asserts widespread vote fraud, cites no evidence,” The Los Angeles Times online, Feb. 12, 2017