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CABINET/LEGAL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “It turns out, being the commander in chief may not what President Donald Trump thought it would be.
Politico reports that aides to the president and close allies say that he is becoming frustrated with the challenges of being the most powerful man in the world.
That includes everything from congressional fights over his cabinet picks, to legal battles over his travel ban and rumors about a possible White House staff shakeup.
Politico interviewed close to two dozen people who have worked with Trump since he became president. They say his mood has gone back and forth from surprise to anger in response to the struggles of governing.
However, Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax and a personal friend of Trump’s, told Politico, ‘Running the federal government is something new for him, for sure. I think if he’s demonstrated anything in his life, he is a very fast learner and adapts very quickly.’ “

 – AOL News, “Report: Trump may be getting frustrated with the challenges of being president,” aol.com, Feb. 12, 2017