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INTELLIGENCE/MILITARY/TERRORISM: “It was past midnight on a moonless night in central Yemen, and Ahmad Jawfi was preparing to go to sleep when he heard the dull buzz of drones overhead.  Drones were nothing new, so he and others paid little attention.
But soon, a military operation unfolded that left 14 Al Qaeda fighters dead and took the lives of at least 11 women and children and one U.S. commando. The operation last  Sunday on the village of Yakla by SEAL Team 6 was to showcase the Trump administration’s decisiveness in the fight against Al Qaeda…
On Friday [2-3-17], an embarrassing coda to the raid emerged.
The U.S. military released what it claimed was sensitive intelligence seized during the assault — video showing jihadists building a bomb — only to discover that the video had been posted online in 2007.”

 – Nabih Bulos and W.J. Hennigan, “What happened the night a U.S. commando was killed in combat, the first such death of Trump’s presidency,” The Los Angeles Times online, Feb. 4, 2017