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BUSINESS/DB PACE/DONALD TRUMP JR/LEGAL/TRUMP FAMILY: "An attempt by the Trump Organization to limit its liabilities at a polluted site in South Carolina once owned by President Trump’s oldest son may have just hit a wall.
The issue involves a company called Titan Atlas Manufacturing that Donald Trump Jr. helped to start in 2010 in North Charleston and that failed two years later.
In 2014, Donald J. Trump, while he was still running the Trump Organization, bailed out his son from the business misadventure by creating an entity called D B Pace. The new company took over a $3.65 million bank loan that had used the six-acre Titan Atlas site as collateral, and it eventually took ownership of the property itself."

 – “A Polluted Site, and a Potential Mess for the Trump Organization,” The New York Times online, Jan 31, 2017, Barry Meier, 1/31/2017