CABINET/DHS/JOHN KELLY: " 'I’ll follow the law,' Kelly said Tuesday. 'We have a limited capacity to execute the law so we would certainly look at the highest priority activities.' When probed further, Kelly said that given the limited assets available 'law abiding individuals' probably would not top his priority list when it comes to removals, but he contended that immigration policy discussions for the next administration were ongoing… 'I think as a public servant I don’t think I have the authority to pick and choose what laws need to be followed. I think it’s in a lot of ways dangerous,' said Kelly. 'I understand maybe the perspective of some of the local leaders, but I do think the law is the law and I think the law has to be followed.' "

 – “Homeland Security Pick John Kelly Splits With Donald Trump Proposals During Senate Hearing,” TIME.com, Jan 10, 2017, Maya Rhodan, 1/10/2017

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