CONFLICT OF INTEREST/TRUMP FAMILY: “One could argue that the Trump kids serving on the transition team doesn't give them direct control over the levers of government that could affect their fortune. But Kushner would have access to those levers and have potential knowledge of Trump's fortune that Trump himself is not supposed to have. And Ivanka Trump sitting in on meetings with high-profile world leaders only compounds the possible conflicts of interest.
So, yes, having Trump's children so close to his presidency is already ethically and legally questionable. And tasking them with controlling his fortune while he's in office and potentially giving one of their spouses an official role in his presidency makes all of this very dicey."

 – “Why Donald Trump’s family being in the White House is problematic, explained,” TheWashingtonPost.com, Nov. 18, 2016, Aaron Blake, 11/18/2016

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