2016 ELECTION/CAMPAIGN/VOTING/VOTE BY MAIL: “In three days we are going to win the great state of Colorado. And we are going to win back the White House. It’s going to happen. So important, if you haven’t mailed in your ballot, don’t do that. Bring it, bring it! Take it to the drop box in your county. Don’t put it in the mail.

I know everybody says how honest everything is with our political system, but we all know better. Go in person to your local polling center and drop it in and make sure you get it dropped in. Otherwise, they’ll say, ‘Geez, got there 14 minutes late’ and they won’t count it…

Please don’t put it in the mail. Don’t put it in the mail. You put it in the mail, we end up losing. We don’t want to lose. We’re not losers. We are winners, folks. We are winners. Our country is going to be a winner again. Take it down and put it in.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Speech: Donald Trump in Denver, CO – November 5, 2016,” factba.se, Nov. 5, 2016