2016 ELECTION/OBAMA/VOTE BY MAIL/VOTING: “Donald is already whining that the vote is going to be rigged before the game is even over. We’re just starting to vote now. He’s already like, oh, the game is rigged… I mean — and by the way, I will say all the Republicans have — not all, but most, have acknowledged there’s no way to rig an election in a country this big. I don’t know if Donald Trump has ever been to an actual polling place where you have Democrats and Republicans who are in charge of taking the votes. But he doesn’t even worry if what he says is true. This is just about him worried that he’s losing, which means he really doesn’t have what it takes to hold this job.”

-Barack Obama, “Remarks by the President at Democratic Party of Florida Grassroots Organizing Event,” obamawhitehouse.archives.gov, Oct. 20, 20216