CELEBS/CLAY AIKEN: " '#friendshipis sticking together when ur *boss* turns out to be unstable & dangerous,' the singer-turned-Congressional nominee previously tweeted [7-20-16], alongside a photo of himself and Arsenio Hall on Celebrity Apprentice. Aiken elaborated during an appearance on Chelsea [7-26-16]. 'I feel like he, in person, can be very gracious and can be nice. But everybody talks about him being a narcissist, I think we saw that. Even though he was nice, he was still a narcissist,' he said. 'This campaign for him [Donald Trump], I don't think is about being president. I think it's about having 100 percent name recognition, about being able to say he won. Which I think he probably will do, which is frightening for me. Listen, I don't want him to win and I will adamantly vote for Hillary.' "

 – ” ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Stars Reveal What They Really Think of Donald Trump,” ET online, July 27, 2016, John Boone, 7/20/2016

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