CELEBS/TRACE ADKINS: " 'Trump is Trump, man,' the country singer told Radio.com [6-30-16]. 'He's been kind to me. I've got no problem with Donald Trump. I like him, I find him charming. When he's not on camera, he's still an alpha, but he's engaging and funny. I tell people all the time, I like him. I got no problem with him.'
Adkins has been quite outspoken about securing in the border in the past, so what does he think about Trump's proposal to build a wall? 'I don't know if it's a wall or if it's drones or whatever. I think we need to have secure border,' he explained. 'We all have doors on our houses.' "

 – ” ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Stars Reveal What They Really Think of Donald Trump,” ET online, July 27, 2016, John Boone, 6/30/2016

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