DONALDISM: “Sometimes people will come into my office and they will be great. They will look great, they’ll sound great, they dress beautifully; everything is great. Then after you hire them they turn out to be morons. Sometimes a real slob will come in looking for a job. He does not dress well. He does not look good. He does not seem to be very smart. It turns out when you hire him or her, you find out you have hired a genius.”
[NOTE: In the same book Trump states, “Dress the part and act the part. Do not cause any doubt in anybody’s mind that you don’t know your stuff. When I moved to Manhattan to do my first deal, I did not have money or employees. When I went into an office, I acted as if I had an organization, The Trump Organization, behind me. I was on my own and no longer working for my father. Few people knew that The Trump Organization had no employees except myself and operated out of my studio apartment in Manhattan.”]

 – Donald Trump, “Think Big: Make it Happen in Business and Life,” Nov. 13, 2008