DONALDISM/JIMMY CATER/POLITICS/RONALD REAGAN: “Jimmy Carter … . He is a very nice man, but he wasn’t my kind of president. I was more into the Ronald Reagans of the world. Nevertheless, after President Carter’s term as President was up, he asked to meet me and of course I agreed. I didn’t know what he wanted in that I had never supported him and was actually very vocal on how poorly he handled our captives in Iran. … Nevertheless, we had a wonderful conversation prior to getting to his point, which was, would I consider making a $50 million contribution to the Jimmy Carter Library? Here was a man that I had not supported, had not voted for, and yet he was in my office asking for a $50 million contribution! I said to myself, and I told the story many times, that Jimmy Carter, despite his image to the contrary, had an ability to think big. That’s why he ran for President and others did not.”

 – Donald Trump, “Think Big: Make it Happen in Business and Life,” Nov. 13, 2007