8,323. 6/19/2017

BUSINESS/CYBERWAR: “Top executives from the tech industry are coming to the White House on Monday [6-19-17] for meetings aimed at updating federal computer systems, part of a push to save money, guard against cyberattacks and make government websites easier to use.
Executives including Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella are expected to attend and spend hours in small working groups before meeting with President Donald Trump to talk about their conclusions.
Discussing the conference with reporters last week, White House officials said one goal is to give people who use government services a more satisfying experience rivaling that of such private-sector companies as Amazon.
A memo sent to the executives in advance of the meeting mentioned that applying for government benefits should be as easy as depositing ‘a check on your phone.’
Other companies sending top executives to the White House include Oracle Corp. , Mastercard Inc., Google parent Alphabet Inc. and International Business Machines Corp.”

-Peter Nicholas, “Top Tech Executives Head to the White House,” The Wall Street Journal online, June 19, 2017 06:00am

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