7,403. 4/21/2017

BUDGET/DEFENSE/MILITARY/TRUMP PEOPLE/JAMES MATTIS: “Defense Secretary James Mattis has privately told Congress the Trump administration’s Pentagon budget request isn’t sufficient to cover the cost of rebuilding the military as President Donald Trump has vowed to do, four sources familiar with the conversations told CNN.
Trump has repeatedly said he would rebuild the military with a massive defense spending increase, but the funding planned for next year’s budget is less than what the Pentagon sought, according to sources with knowledge of the deliberations.
Mattis is not publicly raising concerns about the $603 billion Pentagon budget plan, aligning himself with the White House’s decision, though it’s a stance that’s sparking frustration from some Republican defense hawks in Congress. But the Pentagon’s private assessment matches lawmakers’ public criticisms of Trump’s budget plan.”

-Jeremy Herb, “Sources: Mattis tells Hill Trump budget won’t fully rebuild military,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, April 21, 2017 9:22am

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