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ETHICS/JEFF SESSIONS/LEGAL/POLITICAL FIGURES/WOMEN: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday [11-14-17] that he had ‘no reason to doubt’ the women who have made sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, joining a wave of high-profile Republicans who have expressed confidence in his accusers.
But Sessions did not say whether Moore should be seated if he wins a Dec. 12 special election to fill the Senate post Sessions once held. Ethics personnel at the Justice Department have advised him not to involve himself in the campaign, Sessions said.
Asked whether the Justice Department would investigate the allegations against Moore, Sessions said the agency would evaluate any allegations that they were presented with according to normal procedure, though he added, ‘This kind of case would normally be a state case.’
Sessions made his comments during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning.
Moore is running for the seat Sessions vacated this year to join the Trump administration. Some Republicans are hoping Sessions will leave his post to run as a write-in candidate against Moore.”

-Sean Sullivan, “Sessions says he has ‘no reason to doubt’ women who have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct,” The Washington Post online, Nov. 14, 2017 11:42am

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