2,065. 10/18/2012

DONALD ON DONALD/LIBYA/TERRORISM: “A reader just sent me the following: 
‘I wanted to share with you something rather startling. On page 103 of your book, Time To Get Tough, you write this chilling & prophetic statement about the Libyan issue that dominated Tuesday’s debate: ‘Even with Qaddafi gone now, unfortunately, the price we will pay for our stupid Libyan policy may end up being far more expensive and dire than the billion dollars we’ve already blown there…We know that al Qaeda is already in Libya.’
In light of the murder of our US Ambassador in Libya Chris Stevens and the three other brave Americans that were slain, I was stunned when I re-read that. Sagely, you warned this would happen in your book.’ “ [10:57:41 AM]

 – 10/18/2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, Twitlonger.com, 10/18/2012

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