(and Biden)

A free searchable database containing over 40,000 curated and sourced quotes by and about the 2020 presidential election candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


Nonpartisan Website Delivers Crucial Information to Voters

AboutTrump.org curates over 35,000 sourced quotes from Trump and Biden

Businessman, philanthropist, and adventurer Steven C. Markoff’s latest public policy offering is a valuable tool for voters in the run up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

The website AboutTrump.org (and Biden), run by Markoff’s A-Mark Foundation, is a free, searchable database of over 35,000 sourced quotes by and about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Users can choose from a dropdown menu of suggested searches, or type any issue into the search bar to see what the candidates have said about important topics.

Markoff previously created the nonprofit ProCon.org to cover the pros and cons of controversial issues on a website that reached over 20 million people annually. He negotiated the acquisition of ProCon.org by Encyclopedia Britannica in May 2020, two months shy of the site’s 16th anniversary.

AboutTrump.org started in 2017 as a catalog of Trump’s presidency, and began adding Joe Biden quotes soon after he became the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee on June 5, 2020.

With no ads and no spin, the nonpartisan, nonprofit website AboutTrump.org (and Biden) offers sourced information that makes it easy for Americans to track the most recent comments by Trump and Biden.