While it probably impossible to truly understand anybody (including ourselves), the quotes and information on this site should give some insight into who Mr. Trump is and isn’t.

Many of the quotes come from President Trump’s own tweets, comments and speeches, and from those who know him, including his family and friends, business partners, those appointed to or working in or for his coming presidency, those he has had problems with, those negative or positive about him, and also from the media, books, articles, and other sources.

Supporters of Trump say he is brilliant, talented, and a natural leader who can create more and better paying jobs, cut unneeded regulations, expand our economy, replace Obamacare with better and cheaper healthcare, lower taxes, and make our nation more secure. They say he is great at quickly building personal relationships, is a master negotiator who can broker better trade deals, and a billionaire who is not beholden to lobbyists, special interests, or political party elites. They are energized by his outspokenness, successful family members, and long history of entrepreneurship. He has also shown through his words, that political correctness has gone too far.

Opponents of Trump say he is a small-minded, greedy con man who lacks interest in understanding complex policy issues, and who has little ability or talent to lead our country. They say he is hateful, thin skinned, and cares little about women, minorities, the poor, and people without power. They say he will use the presidential office for personal gain for himself and his family. They are troubled by his companies’ bankruptcies, failed marriages, position changes on major issues, tendency to sue and bully others, denials of science, brutal treatment of his opponents, and his frequent lies. Few that have entered his orbit are better for doing so. He also has no problem denying reality.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

…Steven C. Markoff, December 2016