22,749. 2/20/2019

CLIMATE CHANGE/NATIONAL SECURITY/TRUMP PEOPLE: “A climate change skeptic who once compared ‘demonization’ of carbon dioxide to the treatment of Jews under Adolf Hitler may lead a proposed White House committee tasked with studying whether climate change poses a national security threat, The Washington Post reported Wednesday [2-20-19]. The Post, citing planning documents obtained by the paper, reported that William Happer, a National Security Council official, would head up the proposed Presidential Committee on Climate Security. The committee would be created via an executive order signed by President Donald Trump, according to the paper. The White House declined a request for comment. In 2014, Happer, who co-founded the CO2 Coalition, an advocacy group that focuses on ‘the consequences of mandated reductions in CO2 emissions,’ compared criticism of carbon dioxide, the increase of which scientists say has raised global temperatures, to the treatment of Jews under Hitler.”

Devan Cole, “Washington Post: Climate skeptic may lead WH panel to study climate change and national security,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, February 20, 2019 5:24 pm

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