30,026. 10/29/2019

CABINET/FOREIGN POLICY/RELIGION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Ralph Drollinger, who has spent much of the last three years teaching the Gospel to President Trump’s cabinet, dresses like a man of the world. One morning this summer, during a layover at Miami International Airport, he was the very picture of American business — a friendly-looking, dark-suited, jowly man in his late prime. The woman sitting beside him, looking just as exactingly appropriate in her black pantsuit and white shirt, was his wife, Danielle. She quietly scrolled through her iPad as Drollinger explained why the trip they were about to embark on to Managua, Nicaragua, had him uncharacteristically worried. The Drollingers were flying to Managua at the behest of Daniel Ortega, the country’s strongman president, who had invited them down as his guests. Drollinger, who has set up Bible studies in the capitals of 32 states and 24 foreign countries, saw another opportunity for growth. He did not engage in too much soul-searching before accepting.”

Mattathias Schwartz, “How the Trump Cabinet’s Bible Teacher Became a Shadow Diplomat,” The New York Times online, October 29, 2019

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