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BUDGET/FOREIGN POLICY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The data tells us that in a single generation, funding from the United States and other donor nations has helped turn the tide against infectious diseases like polio and HIV/AIDS, while driving a child survival revolution that has saved 122 million children’s lives. The world has cut extreme poverty in half and set the stage for more people everywhere to live longer, better, healthier lives than ever…
Investing in global health and development also helps keep Americans safe. When people in the world’s poorest places have the chance to support their families and contribute to their communities, they are less likely to resort to violence. To cite just one example, countries that received aid under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, an initiative started under President George W. Bush, have seen greater progress toward reducing political instability. Stability abroad increases security at home.
What’s more, by helping countries lift themselves out of poverty, we also create markets for US products. Eleven of the top 15 purchasers of US goods are former aid recipients, as are 43 of the top 50 consumer nations of American agricultural products. Far from locking countries in cycles of dependency, smart aid investments actually help countries unlock virtuous cycles of growth.”

-Melinda Gates, “Melinda Gates: The best investment America can make,” CNN Opinion, CNN.com, April 20, 2017 3:16pm

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