Categories for National Security

637. 11/17/2011

IRAN/ISRAEL/NATIONAL SECURITY/NUCLEAR: “@Israel faces an existential threat in Iran’s nuclear drive. Unfortunately @BarackObama is no friend of Israel.” [3:51:17 PM]

 – 11/17/2011, Donald Trump,,, 11/17/2011

604. 11/4/2011

IRAN/NATIONAL SECURITY/NUCLEAR: “Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons is a major threat to our nation’s national security interests. We can’t allow Iran to go nuclear.” [12:34:37 PM]

 – 11/4/2011, Donald Trump,,, 11/4/2011

75. 3/14/1990

FOREIGN POLICY/NATIONAL SECURITY/NUCLEAR: “I’ve always thought about the issue of nuclear war; it’s a very important element in my thought process. It’s the ultimate, the ultimate catastrophe, the biggest problem this world has, and nobody’s focusing on the nuts and bolts of it. It’s a little like sickness. People don’t believe they’re going to get sick until they do. Nobody wants to talk about it. I believe the greatest of all stupidities is people’s believing it will never happen, because everybody knows how destructive it will be, so nobody uses weapons. What bullshit.”

 – Donald Trump, Playboy Magazine, March 14, 1990

17. 11/15/1984

DONALD ON DONALD/NATIONAL SECURITY/NUCLEAR: “It would take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles. … I think I know most of it anyway.”

 – Lois Romano, “Donald Trump, Holding All The Cards The Tower! The Team! The Money! The Future!,” The Washington Post, Nov. 15, 1984

16. 4/8/1984

NATIONAL SECURITY/NUCLEAR: “What does it all mean when some wacko over in Syria can end the world with nuclear weapons?”

 – Donald Trump, The New York Times, April 8, 1984

2. 12/6/1864

ABRAHAM LINCOLN/IMMIGRATION/NATIONAL SECURITY: “I regard our immigrants as one of the principal replenishing streams which are appointed by Providence to repair the ravages of internal war and its wastes of national strength and health.”

 – “Fourth Annual Message” The American Presidency Project, Dec. 6, 1864, Abraham Lincoln, Transcript, 12/6/1864

1. 7/14/1793

ALEXANDER HAMILTON/IMMIGRATION/NATIONAL SECURITY: “Foreign influence is truly the Grecian Horse to a republic. We cannot be too careful to exclude its entrance.”

 – “Pacificus No. 6,” The Pacificus-Helvidius Debates of 1793-1794, July 14, 1793, Alexander Hamilton, 7/14/1793