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BUSINESS/COURTS/DEMS/TRUMP TAXES: “Deutsche Bank told a federal appeals court on Tuesday [8-27-19] that it was in possession of some tax returns sought by congressional subpoenas issued earlier this year to President Trump, his family and his businesses. In a letter to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the German lender wrote that it ‘has in its possession tax returns (in either draft or as-filed form).’ Although the identities of the people or organizations were redacted in the publicly available document, current and former bank officials have said Deutsche Bank has portions of Mr. Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns for multiple years as part of the reams of financial data it has collected over its two-decade relationship with him. The bank’s lawyers also said Deutsche Bank ‘has such documents related to parties not named in the subpoenas but who may constitute ‘immediate family’ within the definition provided in the subpoenas.’”

David Enrich and Emily Flitter, “Deutsche Bank Tells Court It Has Some Tax Returns Related to Trump Inquiry,” The New York Times online, August 27, 2019

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