CONGRESS/CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “Have you ever known anyone in the history of the United States of America that could be president and assure exactly what the Congress is going to do? I can’t assure anything, but I can tell you what I expect. I fully expect on those critical issues that we’re facing, number one, being able to get all the work we need done and all the funding to be able to get that [coronavirus] vaccine in everyone’s arm, and that’s 300 million people…

Number two, all those people are out there hurting, have lost jobs through no fault of their own, they’ve extended unemployment for 10 weeks. Simply not sufficient… The things that are left to deal with from unemployment to people needing unemployment insurance to the ability to have access to healthcare, the ability to get this treatment for free, et cetera, all of that is something that the public is not going to stand for us not doing. And I think with Donald Trump not in the way, that will also enhance the prospect of things getting done.”

-Joe Biden, “LIVE: Remarks by President-elect Joe Biden,” YouTube.com, Dec. 22, 2020