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CORONAVIRUS/HHS/VACCINES: “Kathleen Sebelius, a former Health and Human Services secretary under President Barack Obama, offered some praise for the Trump administration’s vaccine efforts on Monday but said the administration has shirked other critical responsibilities in mitigating the spread of coronavirus.

‘There’s no question that Operation Warp Speed has been a great success getting to the point in a very rapid period of time of manufacturing a vaccine,’ Sebelius told CNN’s John Berman Monday, following the news that early data show that Moderna’s vaccine is 94.5% effective against coronavirus, the second such promising vaccine news from a major US company in a week…

She also faulted the Trump administration for blocking a smooth transition to the Biden administration during a ‘very, very dangerous period of time,’ especially as Covid-19 cases across the country continue to surge.”

-Rachel Janfaza, “Ex-HHS chief Sebelius says Trump administration deserves credit for vaccine progress,” cnn.com, Nov. 16, 2020