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CORONAVIRUS/VACCINES: “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the [coronavirus] vaccine if in fact Dr. Fauci and these two organizations, whether it’s Moderna or Pfizer, who have been extremely responsible, conclude that it is safe and able to be done.

Look, the only reason people question the vaccine now is because of Donald Trump. That’s the reason why people are questioning the vaccine, because all of the things he says and doesn’t say, whether, is it truthful? Is it not truthful? The exaggerations.

I think we’re on a clear path now. We’re on a clear path with the international community and national leaders in the scientific community have focused on these two vaccines. They appear to be ready for prime time, ready to be used, and if that continues on those roads. I would take the vaccine.”

-Joe Biden via NBC News, “Biden, Harris Deliver Remarks On The Economy | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Nov. 16, 2020