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CORONAVIRUS/SENIORS/VACCINES: “The [coronavirus] vaccine will be distributed to frontline workers, the elderly and high-risk Americans immediately. It will be a matter of weeks. Get out very, very much ahead of schedule. Any schedule that I said, we’re going to be far ahead of that. We know that this virus primarily targets older populations and those with underlying health conditions…

Case levels are high, but a lot of the case levels are high because of the fact that we have the best testing program anywhere in the world. We’ve developed the most and the best tests and we test far more than any other country so it shows, obviously, more cases. By vaccinating the elderly and the high risk, we will effectively end this phase of the pandemic and allow seniors to reclaim their golden years, the golden years of their lives, which is so incredible, and it’s about time that they can have those golden years.”

-Donald Trump, “President Trump Delivers an Update on Operation Warp Speed,” whitehouse.gov, Nov. 13, 2020