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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “It doesn’t matter whether or not we always agree with one another. It doesn’t matter who you voted for. We are Americans and our country is under threat [from coronavirus]. We’re now called to do the same thing that generations of proud Americans have done when faced with a crisis throughout our history: Rise above our differences to defend the strength and the vitality of our nation. That’s the character of patriots, that’s the character of America.

We have to do this together. Wearing a mask seems like a small act. Maybe you think your individual choice won’t make any difference. Throughout our history, throughout the history of our nation, we’ve seen over and over how small acts add up to enormous achievements. It’s the weight of many small acts together that bend the arc of history.”

-Joe Biden, “President-elect Joe Biden Delivers Remarks After COVID-19 Council Briefing from Wilmington, DE LIVE,” YouTube.com, Nov. 9, 2020