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BIDEN TRANSITION/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “There’s a need for bold action to fight this [coronavirus] pandemic. We’re still facing a very dark winter. There are now nearly 10 million COVID cases in the United States. Last week we topped 120,000 new cases on multiple successive days. Infection rates are going up. Hospitalizations are going up. Deaths are going up.

This crisis claimed nearly a thousand American lives a day, nearly 240,000 deaths so far. The projections still indicate we could lose 200,000 more lives in the coming months before a vaccine can be made widely available…

So that’s why today I’ve named the COVID-19 Transition Advisory Board comprised of distinguished public health experts to help our transition team translate the Biden-Harris COVID-19 plan into action. A blueprint that we can put in place as soon as Kamala and I are sworn into office on January 20th, 2021.”

-Joe Biden, “President-elect Joe Biden Delivers Remarks After COVID-19 Council Briefing from Wilmington, DE LIVE,” YouTube.com, Nov. 9, 2020