CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: [Jake Tapper: “What, if anything, do you think you would be doing differently if you were president right now? “]

“I know what I would have done differently, what we did in the Ebola crisis.

They used — I heard the vice president say they set up an office in the White House. We had an office in the White House… [D]ealing with a pandemic that could have been incredibly dangerous and affected the world, Ebola, we set up an entire mechanism as to how to deal with future outbreaks of pandemic diseases.

They eliminated that office when they came in play. They cut the funding for CDC.”

-Joe Biden, “State of the Union: First American Killed By Coronavirus; Interview With Vice President Mike Pence; Interview With Former Vice President Joe Biden.,” cnn.com, Mar. 1, 2020