[Note: On Oct. 25, 2019, Joe Biden retweeted an Oct. 24, 2020 Washington Post article, “None of these 195 countries — the U.S. included — is fully prepared for a pandemic, report says,” along with his own comment as shown below. Although COVID-19 was about two months away at the time of Biden’s quote, we decided to start our coronavirus coverage with his October 25 statement about pandemic preparedness because it was the first relevant pandemic comment that we found by VP Biden or by President Trump.]

CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores.”

-Joe Biden, Twitter.com, Oct. 25, 2019 4:32 pm