8,333. 6/19/2017

DOJ/ROBERT MUELLER/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “In midst of developing reports that President Donald Trump is under investigation by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller for possible obstruction of justice, the President has added a legal voice who is a familiar presence on conservative media.
Trump tapped Jay Sekulow earlier this month to join his legal team that is advising and defending him on FBI and congressional investigations looking into possible collusion between members of his 2016 campaign and the Russian government.
Sekulow joined Trump’s personal legal team, which includes Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s go-to lawyer for years on both personal and business matters; Mark Bowe, who works with Kasowitz; and newly hired John Dowd, a well-known DC-based attorney.
Sekulow, who is 61, isn’t new to the Washington scene — he’s made a career championing conservative causes in court for decades.”

-Daniella Diaz, “Who is Trump’s new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, June 19, 2017 02:26pm

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