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TRUMP FAMILY/MELANIA: “While most of the focus for the next nine days will be on President Donald Trump as he makes his first international trip as commander in chief, there will be plenty of eyes on first lady Melania Trump, also set to bow on the global stage.
‘I am very excited for the upcoming trip,’ said the first lady in a prepared statement one day before her departure.
‘This will not just be an opportunity to support my husband as he works on important matters of national security and foreign relations, it will also be my honor to visit and speak with women and children from different countries, with different perspectives,’ she added.
The trip, which includes stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, Brussels and Sicily, will likely shine the biggest spotlight on Melania Trump to date. As a first lady who hasn’t yet moved into the White House, nor staffed an office, outlined a succinct platform or had a robust schedule of events, the curiosity factor surrounding her as she leaves American soil is at an all-time high.”

-Kate Bennett and Betsy Klein, “Melania Trump makes her international debut as first lady,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, May 19, 2017

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