7,362. 4/18/2017

BORDER/BUDGET/DHS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WALL: “Democrats in the Senate are raising concerns about the potential cost of President Donald Trump’s border wall — releasing documents Tuesday [4-18-17] from the Department of Homeland Security that explain what the administration is planning.
The first $1 billion of wall money requested by the administration would cover 48 miles of new wall, as CNN has previously reported.
Democrats from the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee released a slide presentation from Customs and Border Protection explaining the rationale for the initial wall segments.
The money requested by the administration for 2017, which Congress would have to appropriate, would fund 14 miles of new border wall in San Diego, 28 miles of new levee wall barriers and six miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley region and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego.
The documents also say that the agency will begin planning for 47 more miles in the Rio Grande City region or El Paso area of Texas.”

-Tal Kopan, “Dems raise questions on border wall after briefing,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, April 18, 2017 4:10pm

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