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ABORTION/CALIFORNIA/LEGAL/SUPREME COURT: “The Supreme Court agreed Monday [11-13-17] to hear an antiabortion group’s challenge to a California law that requires ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ to notify patients that the state offers subsidies for contraception and abortion.
The challengers say the disclosure law violates the 1st Amendment because it forces the faith-based pregnancy centers to send a message that conflicts with their aim of encouraging childbirth, not abortion.
The case presents a clash between the state’s power to regulate the medical profession and the Constitution’s protection for the freedom of speech.
California lawmakers passed the disclosure law two years ago after concluding the more 200 pregnancy centers in the state sometimes misled or confused women into believing they provided the full range of medical care, including abortions. The law says these centers must disclose whether they have a medical license and have medical professionals available. They must also post a notice in the waiting room that says the state of California makes available free or low-cost prenatal care, contraception or abortion to eligible women.”

-David G. Savage, “Supreme Court agrees to hear antiabortion challenge to California disclosure law for pregnancy centers,” The Los Angeles Times online, Nov. 13, 2017 06:55am

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